The Departed Review: An All-Time Classic

The Departed

In The Departed, the city of Boston is plagued by violence and corruption on all levels.

The Departed is a story of crime and detection, where the police can be criminals as well. With an all-star cast including Jack Nicholson in his prime role of Frank Costello alongside Matt Damon playing Billy “The Mole” who goes undercover within another group for love against sensible advice from everyone around him warning that it could cost him everything if caught; this movie will have you on edge throughout!

Discover why this Oscar-winning film The Departed, is still so relevant today.

After watching The Departed by William Monahan, I was hooked from the beginning until the end. It has been a while since last seeing one masterpiece after another.

The men in this story follow the same pattern as many politicians who consider themselves public servants but are actually thieves. They grow to identify with and desire approval from their lies, which may be a form of Stockholm syndrome or just normal human nature when you’re convincing enough that people believe anything they want them to–even if it means busting bad guys (including someone we know). The tension between these two groups increases until one side starts considering itself superior because “they” protect real employers while ourselves fake police officers do nothing about crime around us.

The Informer’s lives are complicated by modern technology. They can’t communicate with each other or track their own movements, but they do have access to cell phones and computers that will eventually lead them into contact at either end of a phone call! The cops suspect one of the characters may be an informer so it’s possible for him to get assigned tasks requiring meetings on false leads just like any others in this position would be prone to – though probably not before betrayals come up between friend-rivalry when trying to solve crimes…

Billy and Colin are both guilty of breaking the rules that their religions teach. It’s hard enough being in love with someone who doesn’t believe as you do, but it gets worse when they’re also committing crimes against humanity too! The guilt must be overwhelming for these two lovers-to say nothing about those around them whose trust has been broken because all aspects lied straight to them faces…

In a world where most characters are lying to themselves, Leonardo DiCaprio and Damon tell the truth in their performances. In this movie about actors who can’t be themselves without getting caught up with society’s rules or expectations – which is hard enough as it turns out these two embody what being “real” really means for them: living outside those constraints by doing something only YOU want to be done because there isn’t any other choice but freedom!

The connections between Jack Nicholson and Martin Scorsese are myriad. They seem to be a perfect fit for each other, making the collaboration between them an inevitable one that should not happen yet never has gone unnoticed by audiences everywhere! In The Departed we see how two masterful minds work together with such skillful precision – even though one character isn’t quite what you’d call a “good guy” while another may appear as more of a fool or outright crook throughout various films made over many years (a la Robert De Niro), he still manages somehow keep us invested right until end credits roll.

This movie is like an examination of conscience when you stay up all night trying to figure out a way to tell the priest: I know what I did wrong but…Father? What were my other options?”

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